A New You, That's Who

A Childhood Reproductive Education Project

Key Concepts

  • Targeted to children ages 10-14
  • Learn the basics of reproductive health and anatomy through songs and animations
  • Topics include: puberty, anatomy, and menstruation

This project is targeted towards children ages 10-14 to teach the basics of reproductive health in an authoritative way using the proper scientific and anatomically correct terms to describe puberty, anatomy, and the menstrual cycle.  The songs and animations provide easy ways to grasp big concepts about reproductive health and the changes happening in the body during puberty as children transition to teenagers.  It is important to note this is not sexual education, but rather reproductive health education to learn about basic human biology and physiology.

“A New You, That’s Who’ is great for parents, guardians, and teachers who want to simplify reproductive health concepts or who may not have learned these fundamental characteristics of a healthy body as reproductive system begins to mature. To supplement learning, visit Repropedia.org, a reproductive health lexicon, which provides authoritative reproductive health information to clear up any uncertainties or questions about this topic.

For an even younger audience, ‘Meet Olivia the Ovary’ Coloring Book is available. Parents can use this coloring book to teach their young children about the basics of reproductive health anatomy.

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