A Reproductive Lexicon

Key Concepts

  • Targeted to audiences of all ages
  • Can be used to supplement any reproductive health education and learning

Repropedia is a reproductive dictionary created by an international team of scientists and clinicians at Northwestern University. The goal is to provide the lay public with an authoritative and comprehensible source of reproductive health and biology information. Repropedia contains 517 reproductive health terms and can be used to supplement studies to clarify unclear terms or definitions mentioned in any of the educational initiatives and programs.

As such, Repropedia is an important resource for audiences of all ages. For example, when teaching their children about reproductive health, parents can use it as a scientifically based reference to supplement the sometimes-difficult conversations. Teenagers and young adults can supplement the basic sexual education they may be receiving in schools, and Repropedia can be used by adults to further develop their understanding of their own reproductive health.